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Zombie Read

Behold!  Much like the zombies that are currently invading American televisions, I am raising this blog from the web grave.  Feel the chills.  Grab an Icee.

Yes, I realize what a tragedy it was when this blog went dark a few years ago.  Both of you readers out there probably missed it terribly.   But you may ask, why bring it back now?

Well some things have changed.  For one, GoDaddy, the company for which I work, revised their Social Media policy within the last year, allowing employees to be more open, just so long as we are sure to be clear that we represent only our own personal opinions, and do not represent the opinions of GoDaddy in any way.

(By the way, on this blog, I will represent only my own opinion, and do not represent the opinion of GoDaddy in any way.)

Previously this blog was all about code.  And so it will be again.  Or at least things with a geekly bent.  My older blog had a lot of basic coding examples because I happened to be involved in teaching basic PHP programming in my last job.  But there’s a lot of basic get started stuff out there now.  I think I would like to explore some more interesting topics – but still which can be read without having to go out and purchase a PhD from eBay.

Lastly, I will just point out that this zone is under construction, so make sure you wear a hard hat and please don’t mind the sawdust on the floor for the next few weeks or so.

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