WordPress on HHVM – Now easier with 3.9!!

WordPress finds the Easy Button.
WordPress just pushed the Easy Button on HHVM
WordPress 3.9 is out. And it has some slick new post editing features. I’m sure you’re ready to grab it and go. But wait. Remember when we set up our WordPress blog on HHVM and we had to make a small tweak to the file:


In the latest 3.9 version of WordPress, it looks like there has been a change to the WordPress code. The previous line that we had to hack:

define( 'OBJECT', 'OBJECT', true );

Is now:

define( 'OBJECT', 'OBJECT' );
define( 'object', 'OBJECT' ); // Back compat.

In other words, fear not the upgrade. That’s the end of that little hack.

Thanks WordPress!

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